Samantha Loy was born in Davenport, IA and has lived in the area her whole life. She moved her family to a small town just west of Davenport, Buffalo, IA one year ago. She has owned multiple single-family rental properties and has worked in the property management field for more than 5 years. Samantha has worked as a leasing consultant, property management assistant, and property manager of apartment homes and single-family rentals. 
Samantha Loy earned her bachelor’s degree in Real Estate Studies, with high honors in 2016. She successfully completed courses in a wide-range of real-estate related topics such as; real estate investment, commercial real estate, financing, appraising, ethics, and more. 
With a solid education and extensive background in real-estate, obtaining a real estate license to work with buyers and sellers was a natural next step. Samantha chose the real estate career path so that she could help those who wish to become homebuyers with the guidance and care that is needed to make those big dreams a reality. Whether you are buying, selling, or just exploring options, Samantha Loy is here to help you.